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Welcome to the home of Wildcat Scooters for all your classic Lambretta, Vespa, Scomadi, Royal Alloy, LML and auto scooter requirements. We own the Wildcat Brand that has been in existence since the 1960s. We are the only officially appointed Scomadi Dealers for Wales and the South West and will be happy to help you in your journey to own one of these amazing scooters.

Wildcat Scooters has a long heritage that dates back to the early 1960s we are custodians and owners of the Wildcat brand and logos including the Wildcat Tuning Equipe range . We are a scooterist run business catering in both traditional and automatic scooters from classic Lambretta and Vespa to modern Scomadi and twist and go automatic scooters. 

We specialise in performance tuning and selling of Lambretta and Vespa Scooter Parts & Accessories and we also stock a wide variety of standard replacement parts for automatic scooters of all engine capacities.

We also stock standard and tuning parts as well as bodywork and accessories for both classic and automatic scooters.

Our scooter workshop specialises in both classic and automatic scooters. Both tuning and repairs to complete engine rebuilds we also offers annual workshop servicing for classics, Lambretta, Vespa, Scomadi and LML scooters for sale. 

If you are stuck on something, please call us as we are always happy to give advice! 

Please feel free to telephone us on 01633 549545.